Here are a few original puns I call Levinisms

Q: What is better than to rise and shine? 
A: Rise and reflect 

Q:What's the appeal of bicycling? 
A: Its wheel-y fun 

Q: How must you behave in a swimming pool? 
A: Pool-itely 

Q: Why are shopping malls dangerous? 
A: You can be mallested. 

Q: What can a slow Post Office line lead to? 
A: A stampede. 

Q: What adjective best describes an eagle? 
A: Talonted. 

Q:What must you avoid when buying rattan furniture? 
A: Being bamboozled. 

Q:What happens if you steal a pen? 
A: You get sent to penitentiary. 

Q: What happens if you steal a penny? 
A: You get sent to pennytentiary. 

Q: What do Chinese cooks do before preparing a meal? 
A: Go for a wok. 

Q: What is the pessimist's creed? 
A: In life you must learn to accept the bitter with the sour. 

Q: How does a motorist with a full load of passengers drive? 
A: Car-fully. 

Q: What do you say to someone who lost their dog? 
A: That's a dog gone shame. 

Q: What would you call a retreat on the moon? 
A: A moonastery. 

Q: How's your cat? 
A: Feline fine ( or, Feline not well ) 

Q: Why take an elevator? 
A: For an uplifting experience. 

Q: What do jockeys do? 
A: Horse around.

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