Silent Night

Contemporary arrangement free to download and use. Program acknowledgement requested in public performance.

Scribblings in a Spare Moment... 

This article from The Ottawa Citizen in June of 1972, features two of my Haiku that won in a local poetry contest. Frank.


Dear Abby

This article featuring a New Year's poem I found among the papers of a deceased co-writer was published in Dear Abby's New Year's column for the year 2000. I have since noted that it has now also been uploaded onto…

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A Good Man and a Hard Worker

Wesley liked to consider himself a good man, and a hard worker. He always got to the office early and stayed late. Frequently he would work through his lunch break, eating his sandwiches and sipping his milk ( good for…

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Auld Lang Syne

A contemporary arrangement I wrote for Auld Lang Syne


Beautiful Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver, Historical Note 

Beautiful Vancouver was self-published by the composer, George Brownson in 1952. Nothing seems to have become of the song, and no information is available about the composer or what became of him. 

I found…

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Jazzy Birthday & Melody for Michael

Jazzy Birthday

Every pianist at some time has to play Happy Birthday, I prepared this arrangement for those who might like to do something jazzy. An optional five measure Intro is provided to help singers begin on key and in…

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