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Visual Artist Statement 

Just as I begin most musical compositions improvising at the keyboard until I find an idea I can expand upon, I begin most visual art works without a plan, sketching randomly with a pencil, often with my eyes closed. Then I search the resulting image for an idea I can develop, erasing lines lines that don't belong, and adding to those that do until the final drawing emerges. I usually finish with ink, adding texture and thickness to the lines and other details as required. 

I rarely work from real life…

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A Madman's Tale 

To live from day to day is just a coward's way, 
When hopes begin to fall, the time has come to end it all. 
For should your life become a bore, when waking means just one day more, 
Of treasured hopes that tripping fall, like shattered glass against the wall, 
The time has come to end it all. 

Should bank accounts be getting low, and landlords order you to go, 
Evicted into winter snow and forced to live in old skid row, 
With falling plaster, filth and rats, at night the sound of screeching bats, 
No faithful…

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