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Practicing Hints 

There are prodigies who can sit down at the piano and learn effortlessly, but most students must practice diligently to play well. Often students frustrate themselves by trying to do too much at once. Attempting to handle notes, fingering, timing, and expression in both hands at the same time can be overwhelming. However, by dividing the practicing process into a number of manageable sub-steps, you can progress more readily with a minimum of frustration. Below is a method I've found most effective in…

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Here are a few original puns I call Levinisms

Q: What is better than to rise and shine? 
A: Rise and reflect 

Q:What's the appeal of bicycling? 
A: Its wheel-y fun 

Q: How must you behave in a swimming pool? 
A: Pool-itely 

Q: Why are shopping malls dangerous? 
A: You can be mallested. 

Q: What can a slow Post Office line lead to? 
A: A stampede. 

Q: What adjective best describes an eagle? 
A: Talonted. 

Q:What must you avoid when buying rattan furniture? 
A: Being bamboozled. 

Q:What happens if you…

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